Bit M-Bank 2.0

Bit M-Bank 2.0 is a complete Community bank operation, providing modules for Customer services, Teller Services, Clearing of cheque, Cash Operation,  Credit Facilities,  Accounting, Inventory, Payroll  and many reports.  This program is remarkably easy to use.  It will help organize your work site like never before.    In addition, powerful report designer is included to  let you create any kind of  reports or modify the existing reports. Bits M-Bank 2.0 also allows you to export your reports to Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, DBase, and Paradox.

Bit M-Bank2.0 is an integrated banking software system designed to automate workflow of small and medium-sized banks. This product appeared as a result of mutual efforts of a number of companies and private consultants in programming, banking, accounting and auditing and system analysis. The concept has been developed by Team of Programmer at Bits Computer-Age systems in cooperation with several audit companies.


Bit M-Bank2.0 is comprehensive, full-function banking software solution, which provides automated control of all aspects of banking.

Our team of specialists continuously works on Bits M-Bank2.0 software and updates the system regularly to better meet demands of our customers. We are always on the cutting edge of advanced technologies to offer you the best there is to offer at the present moment. We strongly believe that as soon as you learn more about our banking software, you will appreciate its elaborate mechanisms and the ease of use of functional modules.

Features and Capabilities

Customizable design.

  • Simultaneous support of several charts of accounts.
  • Simultaneous support of several logs of operations (general ledgers) based on different of charts of accounts.
  • Handling of loan and deposit accounts.
  • Captures Customers Passport Photographs and signatures
  • Possibility to adjust and maintain groups of account classifiers.
  • New accounting modules for fixed and intangible assets and securities deals.
  • Generation of basic reports allowing for scheduled   transactions and payments.
  • High-level security
  • Client/Server architecture

Open New Customer Account (Saving, Current or Fixed Deposit)

  • Status Enquiries of all the Accounts
  • Cash Receipt (Lodgment)
  • Cash Payment (Withdrawal)
  • Safe Custody of Items
  • Fund Transfer
  • Stopping of Cheque Book
  • Cancel Stopping of Cheque Book
  • Blocking of Accounts
  • Cheque Book Ordering
  • Inter-Bank Transaction
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Clearing of Cheque
  • Cash Operation (Vault Control)
  • Overdrafts/Advances
  • Direct  Credit (Loan)
Reports Generated by Bit M-Bank2.0

These and many more reports can be produced daily, weekly or monthly:

– Customer Statement of Account              – Customer Listing (Saving, Current )

– Cash Lodgment Report                             – Cash Payment

– Inter Bank Transaction Report                  – Vault Control-Treasury OUT

– Vault Control-Treasury IN                           –  Cheque Deposited Report

– Cheque Cleared Report                            – Overdraft Report

– Investment Report                                      –  Shared Holder Report

-Loan Granted Report                                  – Safe Custody of Item Listing

–  GL Statement of Account                          –  Profit and Loss Account Report

– Balance Sheet                                             – Cash Book Entries (Cash) Report

– Cash Book Entries (Cheque /PO)            – Trial Balance Report

– Fixed Asset Report                                     -Payroll Report

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