Data Locker

Encrypted mass storage – Secure your data

DataLocker offers a full range of encrypted hard drives to meet a variety of usability and security needs, including FIPS 140-2 certification and a USB 3.0 interface with a fast interface to SSD options and central management. The DataLocker H350, H300, and H200 BIO, H100, DL2, DL3 and DL3FE modules offer unique features that meet your security needs.


Risks and problems

  • 51% of users store confidential data on flash drives – 65% of lost USB storage
  • 54% of respondents believe that during the last year the employee lost the device – 65% of lost USB media
  • 49% of respondents believe that last year equipment was stolen from employees:
    – 38% contained confidential data
    – 24% kept custom data
    – 15% contained financial data

No Basic Safety Rules

  • 32% of organizations do not protect devices and external files
  • 54% admit that the data could be properly secured


Audit Policy

  • strong password
  • device configuration
  • access control and configuration
  • destruction of destroyed or stolen discs
  • DataLocker solution


Data protection

  • Automatic encryption
  • Remote update
  • Compliance guarantee
  • Device security and liability for threats
  • Works with devices – flash drives and external hard drives with large capacity



  • January 10, 2018
  • | Categories: Products