Our Software Products

There is this popular saying that Computer system without Software is an electronic jargon. We sell and install many popular off-the-shelf Software packages, such as SPREADSHEETS, DATABASE MANAGEMENT, WORD-PROCESSING, DESKTOP PUBLISHING, COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN etc, programming Languages such as VISUAL BASIC, VISUAL C++, VISUAL FOX PRO etc, and Operating Systems such as MICROSOFT WINDOWS, UNIX, NOVEL products.

At Bits Computer Age Limited, we have qualified software developers that can develop application customize packages that will suit for your organization needs.

Among them are in:

Hotel Management Software

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Hotman 2.0 is a complete hotel, motel, bed and breakfast and resort manager....

Bit M-Bank 2.0

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BIT M-Bank 2.0 is a complete micro finance bank operation, providing modules for Customer .....

School Management Software

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This institute’s management application software, allows you to store, modify and retrieve information ....

Human Resources & Payroll Software

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This software is made for easy preparation and compilation of staff salaries. A payroll ....

Power Accounting Master

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Accounting is often said to be the language of business. It is use in business world to describe the ....

Library Management Software

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In this age of computerization, the automation of library management is very crucial. .....