Church Package

Three in One Package for Church and Ministry

 BIT COMPUTER-AGE SYSTEMS LTD, a complete ICT company established in 1993 and incorporated as a Limited Liability in year 2007 to provide proactive and timely      engagement in a wide range of services in  Computer Technology to individual and  corporate bodies.

We are pleased to present this proposal to your ministry so as to deepen  the actualization of the mandate given to the ministry, particularly in winning of souls and establishing the already won.

The package has the following services:

a. Modern Website

b. Broadcast to phones

c. IP CCTV Installation


(A) No doubt about it we are in the internet age, any organization that refuse to be on the web will lose the numerous advantage of being there. But for church and ministry be on the www is a sure way of reaching millions with the message of the ministry. Apart from this below are the added features of the site we are going to design for the ministry.

  • Ability to reach many that are not localize within your church building
  • Having a your ministry/church based email address instead of yahoo or gmail
  • Making Church /Ministry  programmes known to millions
  • Ministering to multitude via live chat which will be embedded in the web site
  • Possibility of downloading your message either in audio, video or text format
  • Possibility of online donation for the furthering of God work

These are many other features will be in the web site we are going to design. Our work: ,

(B) Broadcast to phones is a new technology that allow a pre recorded voice message to be broadcasted  to thousands of telephone numbers. This can be used to achieve  the following in the church

1.  Invite members of the church or member of public to a special programme (with your voice)

2.  Pronouncing a prophetic prayer to members of the church either on weekly or monthly bases

3.  Remembering member of the church about church regular programme

4.  Save time of voice calls to thousands of telephone numbers


(C) We believe and know that God is our security but at the same time there is need to monitor certain areas of the church as not all that come to the church are redeemed. The need for   IP CCTV installation to monitor church premises cannot be over emphasized. With this installation one will be able to monitor different points within and outside of the church building from a big TFT monitor. Points to monitor may include

a.  Car pack

b. Church entrance

c. sides of the church building

d.  Inside the church

e.  Altar

f. Other important points

The CCTV we intend to install will be able to record all the activities within those points for many days. Not only that, if there is an internet facility within the church the points monitoring will be viewed anywhere via internet enable phone or internet computer outside the church premises where we have the CCTV monitor

 Cost Implication

The cost for the total package is break down as follow:

  • Website design that including domain name registration and hosting is from N50,000.00
  • Broadcast to phone will cost like N5 per unit call (Terms and Conditions applied )
  • CCTV installation for four points will cost  from N250,000.00