Computer Systems & Peripherals Sales & Services

We engage in the business of marketing wide ranges of Computer hardware among which are:

COMPUTERS  :       HP, DELL, IBM, TOSHIBA,  ZINOX , OMATEK and other  IBM compatible computers (Clones).

PRINTERS:              EPSON, PANASONIC, OKI ,HEWLETT PACKARD and CANNON  in   Dot Matrix,  Laser, Ink, Desk and Bubble jet, line and  plotters.

 TERMINALS :          All ranges of WYSE, LINK, and other dummy terminals and workstations.

UPS:                          The ranges we market include APC, SUNPAC, BEST BLUEGATE, MERCURY  and SUPER MASTER.

Due to the fact that with time Computer Systems and Peripherals can wear out because of use, there is need for periodical maintenance and if any one of them get bad there is need for repair. The reason for this is to reduce down time if not totally eradicated.

We have a team of well-trained and highly experienced engineers who can be depended on to maintain and repair computer systems, all ranges of EPSON, PANASONIC, CANON, OKI, HEWLETT PACKARD Printers, Scanners, WYSE TERMINALS, MONITORS, UPSes, and other electronic equipment.

We arrange to enter into a maintenance contract with a client, to reduce down time of systems when it breakdown. Under this contract, we would carry out preventive and corrective maintenance on your computer installations; we will also give advice on noted anomalies, resource requirement etc