Hotman 2.0

Hotman 2.0 (Hotel Management Software)

Hotman 2.0 is a complete Hotel, Motel, Bed & Breakfast and Resort Manager, providing modules for reservations, advance deposits, front desk, accounting, room inventory and many reports.  This program is remarkably easy to use.  It will help organize your work site like never before.  It introduces uniformity in the applying of room rates.  Guest folios are verified prior to check-in and check-out and Hotman 2.0 saves everything.  You can always go back and reconstruct a period of activity to verify account totals or track business activity.  In addition, powerful report designer is included to  let you create any kind of  reports or modify the existing reports templates to look exactly your own way. Hotman 2.0 also allows you to export your reports to Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus, DBase, and Paradox. Reports can also be email to the higher personnel or your guests., confirmation or marketing, to facilitate communication with your guests.

  • Checking in new Guest
  • Automatic Room Billing with discount options
  • Automatic raising of Invoice and Receipt (Manual Invoice and Receipt not necessary)
  • Automatic Refunds of Guest payments
  • Automates Completely Guest Reservation/Booking
  • Guest Records tracking/Guest History
  • Produces Guest Statement on a click
  • Monitors VAT, Service Charge and Discount Allowed
  • Monitors all Guest payments
  • Automates IOU and Expenses
  • Generates Daily, Monthly, and Annual reports Revenues
  • Remittance records (Cash collected – refunds)
  • Cashier Cash Collection by Shift on a click
  • Multiple Point of Sales Records and Reports
  • Debtors/Creditors List on a click
  • Records all Telephone charges (Automatic Capturing of Guest calls possible on request)
  • Business Center and Other outlets sales and reports



Food and Beverages

  • Raise Restaurant, Bar or Pastry Invoice for Guest (In-House Guest Invoice or Walk-In)
  • Set-up item sales price and all invoices booklet prior to usage to disallows falsification
  • Provision for functions buffet and other similar get together
  • No need of manual dockets, produce sales invoice automatically
  • Print out Daily Transaction Reports
  • View Invoice Register
  • Print Daily Business Statistic
  • Print Daily Sales List
  • Print MTD Reports
  • Print Out Night Auditor Summary

General Accounting Systems

  • General Book Keeping (Cash/Bank Transaction)
  • General Journal Entry/Double entry posting
  • Charts of Accounts
  • Final Accounts Preparation (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial balance)
  • Statements of Accounts and Reconciliation

Payroll and Personnel Administration

Staff Administration Records

Salary Preparation and Pay rolling

Tax, NSIFT deductions reports

Salary Voucher Listing

Pay slip