Human Resources & Payroll Software

This Software is made for easy preparation and compilation of staff salaries. A Payroll Software Package that is essential and necessary for an organization like yours, in an age that is fast becoming automated in all spheres of life is inevitable. This is to make things easy and make salaries preparation and reports easily retrievable and accessible. The advantage and the easy access to information coupled with speed and convenient that preparation of staff salaries will bring cannot be quantified. Not only that, the issue of ghost workers will be a thing of past when this application is adopted by your organization. Delay in payment of salary due to processing of pay slip will be addressed by this software. Updated data of your organization is guaranteed with this use of this application.

The core modules include:

(i)    Staff Administration (Personnel System)

(ii)    Salary Administration (Payroll System)

(iii)   Security and Database Maintenance

(iv)   Querying and Reporting

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