Power Accounting Master

Accounting is often said to be the language of business.  It is use in business world to describe the transactions entered into all kinds of organization.  Our Software,Power Accounting Master (PAM) makes your accounting systems a real fun of automation that an organization will ever desired to have.  This powerful accounting software helps to keep and process transaction on Inventory, Sales, Purchases, Cash/Bank transaction, General Ledger, Customer Records and Supplier Information

With Power Accounting Master, Accountants, Accounts clerks/assistant and other related staff who had been having things done in laborious way can now perform those routine tasks in an effortless and most efficiently done with this application, thereby saving their precious time for some other important activities. Bulk of vouchers and journals can be posted and processed within the shortest time. Also wonderful reports can be printed and presented in an attractive style of user’s choice.

 Power Accounting Master is also bundled with various utilities that you can use to archives, backup, and maintain your data files. There is also a Database Query Assistant to help you includes any reports that are not provided in the package. Some measures of security to restrict access to certain information in form of password are also available. The software is available both in windows based and web based versions.

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