Software Sales and Development

There is this popular saying that Computer system without Software is an electronic jargon. We sell and install many popular off-the-shelf Software packages, such as SPREADSHEETS, DATABASE MANAGEMENT, WORD-PROCESSING, DESKTOP PUBLISHING, COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN etc, programming Languages such as VISUAL BASIC, VISUAL C++, VISUAL FOX PRO etc, and Operating Systems such as MICROSOFT WINDOWS, UNIX,  NOVEL products.

At BIT COMPUTER-AGE SYSTEMS LIMITED we have qualified software developers that can develop application customize packages that will suit for your organization needs.

Among them are in:

Hotman 2.0 (Hotel Management Software)
Bits M-Bank (Microfinance Bank Software)
Libsware (Library Automation Software)
Payroll Expert 2.0 (Human Resources and Payroll Software)
PAM 2.0 (Accounting Package)
Bits Stock (Stock Control Software)
Bits Coop (Co-operative Society Software)